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3 Safety Tips From a Roof Replacement Expert

Replacing Your Old Roof

The roof is a vital part of your home, and also the health of your entire home depends on how well your roof is formed. Having a poorly installed roof will cause minor issues like drafts and leaks, or even major issues like mildew, cooling, and heating issues while replacing your old one. Here are 3 safety tips for replacing your old roof from a roof replacement expert.

Safety First

Leaks will normally occur near the end of a roof’s lifespan. If a leak happens, it means that your roofing company has done a poor job. However, that doesn’t solve the matter that you are faced with. When attempting to search out the source of the leak, you must be very careful not to fall and hurt yourself. Making an attempt to search out a leak, especially during rain or snow, could be a massive risk. At that point, the roof is often slippery and you’ll find yourself in the hospital. So keep safety first and top of mind, and consider the weather before attempting to walk on your roof.

Avoid Dry Rot

Preventing rot is another important issue to keep an eye on. Dry rot isn’t associated with any sort of water injury, however, it’s connected to an absence of ventilation. Once rot has dried, typically the plyboard has deteriorated and you’ll replace it. Dry timber causes the shingles to crack and drip, thus you shall conjointly substitute those too.

Keep Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean and washed should be of the utmost importance for your home. Unclean gutters often result in roof leaks, caused by clogged-up gutters. Roof gutters ordinarily close up thanks to leaves from the trees and ice, thus you should wash your gutters a minimum of twice a year.

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