Roof Leak Repair Myths

Misconceptions About Roofs

A roof isn’t usually something most homeowners think about, that is until there is a leak. When it comes to leaks, there are several myths and misconceptions about what you can do to perform a roof leak repair. Here, we will dive into the most popular myths about roof leaks.

Place New Shingles Over the Existing Shingles

This is almost the worst thing you can do when you want to patch your roof. Some building codes state it is an acceptable fix, however, you must consider this is a temporary repair that will cause bigger issues in the long term. There could be rot under the shingles that will need to be stripped away and replaced, however, you will not know this unless you remove the old shingles to inspect the leak properly.

All Asphalt Is Created Equal

Older shingles are not as good as the new asphalt shingles available today. Today’s shingles are laminated, in addition to being reinforced with fiberglass, making them more durable than ever. Buying a higher quality asphalt shingle that won’t deteriorate as quickly will go a long way to preventing roof leaks.

Small Leaks Can Be Repaired DIY

Sometimes, homeowners are looking to save money and repair the leak themselves. If you are handy, then it is possible that you can repair a leak on your roof. However, when dealing with severe roof leaks, you should call in a professional. They will be able to determine any other issues with your roof that you failed to notice. So your leak may seem small, but could come with bigger and more costly issues.

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