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Got a super leaky roof? Or perhaps a severely damaged roof? Then, don’t hesitate to call professional roofers to help you out. For one, Afrim Roofing of Scotch Plains offers quality roof replacement and repair services that are like no other. We are based in Scotch Plains, NJ and you can definitely trust us for the job.

Roof Replacement in Scotch Plains NJ

Signs That Will Tell You to Repair Your Roof

Your roof plays a very vital role in keeping your entire home structure intact. When you happen to see signs that tell you to do a roof repair, you should never let anything delay it. There are various signs that will let you know when you will need to call for a roofing service and one of them is a missing roof shingle. A missing roof shingle is never a good sign. This only shows that your roof is no longer in good shape. It could be that your roof is no longer holding that tight to its foundation. One missing piece can lead to another and you would never want to be left with a home with no roof. Another are stains on your walls and ceiling. There could be various stains that can occur in your walls and ceiling but when you see water stains, then you should be alarmed. This only means that there are already leaks on your roof. When this happens and if not fixed immediately, it can only cause more complex damage to your home structure. It can even damage your floor tiles and your wall foundations.


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Afrim Roofing of Scotch Plains has been in the roofing industry for years now. We have been providing reliable roof replacement and repair services in Scotch Plains, NJ and we have clients who can attest to how credible our services are. We aim to help you get your roof issues fixed in the best way possible. We have skilled roofers who are adept at dealing with various roof repair issues. It is our belief that what you invest in your house should never go to waste.

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Here at Afrim Roofing of Scotch Plains, we only want what is best for you and your roof. Should you need excellent roof replacement and repair services in Scotch Plains, NJ, don’t hesitate to call us now at (908) 445-6665.