Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rubber Roofing

Simple Ways to Extend the Life of a Rubber Roof

Rubber roofing can last many years when properly maintained and cared for. Making the most of your current EPDM rubber roof makes good financial sense, even when developments in flat roofing are driving the industry toward thicker, reinforced, and white rubberized roofing membranes.

Here are some simple methods for maintaining your rubber roof.

Become Pro-Active Towards Roof Maintenance Instead of Passive

Most rubber roof issues can be found with a visual inspection twice a year. You can quickly learn to identify trouble spots and potential future leaks with a little practice. Being proactive with your roof will not only help you better budget for maintenance and/or replacement costs, but it will also help you prevent the scheduling disruptions that time-stealing roof leaks frequently cause.

Be Prepared to Make Minor Repairs on the Spot

Find out what kind of roofing system you have and who the manufacturer is if you are in charge of conducting roof inspections. You can get sealants and caulking that are either the exact type and built for your roof or, at the very least compatible with your existing rubber roof once you know who the manufacturer is. Applying tar, sealants, or caulk unsuitable with the rubber roof may void the guarantee and the roof’s ability to function.

Remove Roof Top Debris Immediately

The most frequent cause of rubber roof leaks with correct installation is third-party damage. Tools that are dropped, HVAC unit doors that are set on rubber, screws that are dropped and stepped on, and old satellites and antennas that are dragged across or laid down and left on top of roofs may all easily create holes. Pick up any loose screws, nails, debris, or other items that aren’t necessary for the roof to function properly as you carry out your inspection. Maintain a clean rubber roof.

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