3 Roof Leak Repair Steps to Do This Summer Season for Your Roof

Steps on How to Repair Your Leaky Roof

Leaky roof repair is a labor-intensive project that isn’t for everyone. But if you’re up to the task, it’s relatively inexpensive and has a significant payoff in preserving the value of your home. Check the immediate weather forecast before starting to seal your leaking roof. Here are 3 roof leak repair steps to do this summer season for your beloved roof.

Locate the Roof Leak

Start at the lowest point in the roof leak, such as a ceiling stain, and work your way upward. Using a ladder and flashlight, access the attic and visually follow a vertical line up to the roof. The leak may begin a few feet higher up the roofline, toward the roof ridge. The leak’s location on the bottom of the roof deck may be stained black or white or may have mold or mildew, Roof vents are a significant source of roof leaks.

Examine Roof Vents

If the leak stems from roof vents, return to the top of the roof and check on the condition of the vents. The housings or boots might have become cracked. The vents themselves may have become dislodged. Check for missing or dislodged nails holding the vents to the roof.

Remove the Damaged Roof Vent

From the top of the roof, remove the damaged roof vent. First, use the pry bar to pull out the nails holding the shingles to the vent. Next, use the pry bar to pull back the shingles covering the base of the vent. It helps to have an assistant hold the shingles. Do not remove the shingles. Remove nails that hold the vent to the roof deck. Finally, remove the vent.

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