Frequently Asked Questions

We are a quality roofing contractor who can do quality work for your roofing system. If you’re interested in our roofing services but want to learn more about us and our work, you’re on the right page. We here at Afrim Roofing of Scotch Plains have created an FAQ page and take our time to answer some of the most common questions we receive. Hopefully, these answers will be of value to our clients!

Q: Why should I invest in a rubber roof? Is it durable?

A: Synthetic rubber roofing is exceptionally robust and has more than 50 years of lifespan. It also has unrivaled tolerance to UV radiation, ozone, alkali rains, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. It requires very little maintenance, ideally once a year.

Q: What are the areas your services cover?

A: We offer our services to all customers in Scotch Plains, NJ. We also serve our clients who live within a 50-mile radius outside the city.

Q: Can I get a free estimate?

A: Yes! We always want our customers to avail of our services with comfort and all the relevant information. That is why we happily provide free estimates for any of the services that our clients are interested in.

Q: Do you have any discount policy?

A: Of course, We offer 15% off for roof replacement, 10% off for roofing repair, 10% off for masonry works, 10% off for new customers, and 10% off for seniors and military. You can always call us to learn more about current offers and discounts.

Q: Does a leaking roof means I need to replace it?

A: Depends! A leak on your roof doesn’t always need a total replacement. A simple roof leak repair can solve the problem if it is minor damage. However, if the extent of damage is severe, then a simple repair won’t cut it. You can always trust our experts to provide the ideal solution.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: Our experts are stationed to provide you with a 24×7 service. We always work at whatever time is convenient for our clients. So make an appointment according to your sweet time.

Q: How long has your company been operating?

A: Afrim Roofing of Scotch Plains has become a well-reputed company that’s been around since 2016! Within these years, we have developed the most suitable practices that are guaranteed to produce impeccable outcomes. So, do not hesitate to put your trust in us!

Q: How often should I get my gutters inspected?

A: Gutter systems keep your roofing system and home safe. We advise that you have them cleaned and inspected regularly. If you see your gutters sagging, leaking, broken, not draining water efficiently, or missing a portion, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to avoid costly replacements.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: If you’re interested in our services and looking to book an appointment, contact us at (908) 445-6665! Your call will be promptly and politely attended to by one of our knowledgeable representatives. We appreciate your business, and your interest is always invited!

Was our FAQ page worthwhile? If there’s anything else you would like to know more about our reliable roof maintenance or discuss other services we can provide in Scotch Plains, NJ, be sure to let us know. We will look forward to your call!